Ms. Sara IMAS, Honorary chairman of CIBC China Israel Business Cente, who is the daughter of Levi IMAS of the Jewish refugee chamber of Commerce in Shanghai during World War II, member of the Shanghai CPPCC, and representative of the descendants of Jewish refugees in Shanghai after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel. She has special friendship with former Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and many party and state leaders in China. The company is an outstanding representative enterprise with business background, which is married by blood between China and the two countries. The founders of the company are LI Xihui (Chairman, member of Shanghai Hongkou District CPPCC) and Dr. DONG Sové (Managing Director, member of Shanghai Putuo District CPPCC). CIBC group has local and international businesses in China, Israel, Laos, Vietnam, the United States and other countries. By 2021, the total sales volume of the company in China is about 2.5 billion yuan, and the tax payment is nearly 300 million yuan.


Business in Israel: general distribution of Moutai, biomedical technology, Pacific Hospital Management Limited, municipal engineering, automobile sales, etc.


Business in China: Municipal Engineering, clean energy, biomedicine, international logistics, diamond trade, hotel management, alcohol trade, Israeli technology transfer and other businesses.


CIBC Shanghai is a member of the South South Cooperation Promotion Association of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China and the Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association.