Pacclinic comes from PACIFIC CLINIC, which is the combined abbreviation of Pacific clinic opened by Jewish American doctor Imas in California in the early days. After the acquisition, adjustment and integration, it now belongs to the brand of Pacclinic Hospital Management Limited. In 2013, Pacclinic signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Maitton Overseas Medical, which is located in Shanghai, China. The latter is responsible for Chinese citizens going overseas for medical treatment, especially to invested clinics in Israel, Russia, Cambodia, Thailand, the United States, and Mexico by Pacclinic Hospital Management Limited or shareholding hospitals and clinics for overseas medical consultation and services. In the same year, we also participated in the investment of Pacific Medical Center in Saipan, USA. From 2015 to 2018, we participated in the cooperation of Fertility Center, which uses PACCLINICUS as the reproductive brand in Macau and Phnom Penh Capital Hospital in Cambodia, which is an agreement service operation and investment model. In 2019, it was incorporated into the American Pacclinic Health Business Network for collaborative operation. In the same year, together with the Fukang Group and the team of Dr. Marcus Nitzschke, a textbook-level scientist in reproductive medicine, the Lao Boten Pacclinic Reproductive Genetic Center was established. In 2020, the Lao Boten Pacclinic Fertility & Genetic Center's application for an international hospital for a comprehensive medical diagnosis and treatment service license was approved, and the Pacclinic International Hospital was officially established.

Pacclinic International Hospital is located at the junction of the China-Laos (Kunming-Vientiane) railway. According to the cooperation development documents signed by the central governments of the two countries, Chinese citizens entering Boten Special Zone through Yunnan Mohan Port will be granted visa-free access with Chinese ID cards in the future. Chinese citizens only need a Lao visa when they enter the hinterland of Laos through the Boten Special Zone. At present, the scale of urban commercial blocks and high-rise buildings in Boten has surpassed that of Vientiane, the capital of Laos. In the future, Pacclinic International Hospital will become one of the most important international hospitals in Southeast Asia with the highest level of medical services.

Hospital Service Aim:

Provide the same open assisted reproductive service experience and one-stop delivery and confinement service as the United States

Priority to experience the achievements of Israeli cell biotechnology

A connected to Xishuangbanna's one-stop medical travel vacation health plan

To provide local and Southeast Asian residents with high-quality medical and health products and services