CIBC SHANGHAI Involves in Johnson & Johnson medical conusmer, Hemaclear, Pacclinic investment, Medtronic product, HIBOR Bemiheparin sodium and other medical devices trades.

Johnson & Johnson

DePuy Synthes is composed of Joint Reconstruction, Trauma, Spine, Sports Medicine and Power Tools. Collectively, these businesses are focused on helping patients along the care continuum—from early intervention to surgical replacement, with the goal of helping people return to living active and fulfilling lives. Johnson & Johnson Medical China's main products are medical equipment for minimally invasive and open surgery (such as wound suture, stapler, ultrasonic knife and absorbable hemostatic yarn), electrophysiology (such as catheters and related technologies), orthopedics (such as joint reconstruction, trauma, spine, sports medicine, maxillofacial and power tools), plastic surgery (such as breast prosthesis), and other fields.

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OHK Medical Devices is a privately held Medical Devices Company, manufacturing and selling innovative products for orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, and emergency medicine. Its core patent-protected technology is a line of single-use devices for quick and effective displacement of blood from the limbs and blocking its re-entry. OHK’s surgical products – the HemaClear® – are sterile and are widely used to create a bloodless surgical field. Over 1 million procedures have been performed with the HemaClear® on 5 continents, with excellent acceptance by users and an impeccable safety track record.

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Pacclinic comes from PACIFIC CLINIC, which is the combined abbreviation of Pacific clinic opened by Jewish American doctor Imas in California in the early days. After the acquisition, adjustment and integration, it now belongs to the brand of Pacclinic Hospital Management Limited. In 2013, Pacclinic signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Maitton Overseas Medical, which is located in Shanghai, China. The latter is responsible for Chinese citizens going overseas for medical treatment, especially to invested clinics in Israel, Russia, Cambodia, Thailand, the United States, and Mexico by Pacclinic. In 2020, a comprehensive medical diagnosis and treatment service license was approved to Pacclinic International Hospital.

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Medtronic, Inc., founded in 1949 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a leading medical technology company in the world, committed to providing lifelong treatment solutions for patients with chronic diseases. Medtronic's main products cover arrhythmias, heart failure, vascular diseases, heart valve replacement, extracorporeal cardiac support, minimally invasive heart surgery, malignant and non malignant pain, dyskinesia, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, urinary system diseases, spinal diseases, neurological diseases and surgical treatment of facial features. The core of the company's business is to help clinical experts develop solutions that affect the health of patients.

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Bemiheparin sodium is a low molecular weight heparin, which is obtained by depolymerization of heparin sodium extracted from pig intestinal mucosa. Its average molecular weight (MW) is about 3600 daltons, and the chain with molecular weight less than 2000 daltons is less than 35%. Compared with the first generation low molecular weight heparin, due to the lower average molecular weight (3.6kda), the risk of thrombocytopenia and bleeding is lower, the half-life is longer, the activity of anticoagulant factor Xa is more persistent, and the bioavailability is higher. Therefore, a 3500IU of Bemiparin is about equal to the effect of 7000iu of the first generation low molecular weight heparin.

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Medical Device

From medical emergency generator set to CT and MRI. We are an agent of various medical laboratory equipment, including Fujifilm, microscope, B-ultrasound, embryo incubator, test tube operation needle glass stretcher, beauty instruments, dental implants, surgical glasses, breast PET-CT, endoscope disinfection equipment

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