Medtronic, Inc., founded in 1949 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a leading medical technology company in the world, committed to providing lifelong treatment solutions for patients with chronic diseases. Medtronic's main products cover arrhythmias, heart failure, vascular diseases, heart valve replacement, extracorporeal cardiac support, minimally invasive heart surgery, malignant and non malignant pain, dyskinesia, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, urinary system diseases, spinal diseases, neurological diseases and surgical treatment of facial features.

The core of the company's business is to help clinical experts develop solutions that affect the health of patients
Heart rhythm management - focus on the management of various heart rhythm diseases that affect the health of patients. All business departments of Medtronic work together to provide innovative lifelong solutions to patients' heart problems in accordance with our broad strategy.
Department of Neurology, spine and five sense organs - provide surgical equipment including nerve stimulation system, drug infusion system, nerve surgery implantation equipment, surgical auxiliary equipment, diagnosis and treatment system for long-term pain, neurology, urology and gastroenterology, as well as surgical equipment for the treatment of eye, ear, nose and throat diseases.
Cardiac surgery - provides the industry's most extensive series of cardiac surgery products. We provide industry-leading products for cardiac surgeons, perfusers, anesthesiologists and their patients.
Cardiovascular - provide complete minimally invasive interventional products, including coronary stents, stent transplantation products, angioplasty balloons, guiding catheters, wires and auxiliary products for the treatment of coronary artery diseases, peripheral vascular, intravascular and neurovascular diseases.
Diabetes - provide in vitro insulin infusion pump and disposable infusion consumables, continuous blood glucose monitoring system and implantable insulin infusion pump.