Stem cell anti-aging health care: a new healthy and sustainable lifestyle

"Human stem cells may be an important new and renewable energy for everyone's life. Repeatedly and repeatedly producing and supplementing stem cells, maintaining and improving physiological functions and body functions, and extending the length of life may become a new life form and new way of life for human beings."



be senile

Aging is a degenerative change in the functions of tissues and organs of the human body with the increase of age. It is manifested in the progressive decline of the body's functional activity ability, the gradual reduction of the ability to adapt to the environment, and the imbalance of internal metabolism, resulting in a series of aging symptoms such as aging, skin relaxation, wrinkles, easy fatigue, mental and physical labor ability decline, and sexual function decline.


The essence of aging

Senescence is characterized by the decline of cell regeneration and the function of tissues and organs. The human body is a "cell society" composed of about 40-60 trillion cells with different physiological characteristics. There are 1% ~ 2% cell death and 1% ~ 2% cell regeneration every day. And stem cells are the mother of this "cell society". With the growth and maturation of individual life, various adult stem cells in the body gradually decrease, and even completely disappear in some tissues and organs. After the stem cells in the body are dried up, they can no longer make new cells, and the metabolic function of the cells will be weakened. More and more aging cells, the body will grow old and die.

Therefore, various adult stem cells are the driving force for maintaining the growth and metabolism of the body organs, and also the most important and basic biological unit for the body to repair aging and degenerative changes. They are the key factors that determine the aging of life.

In 2007, British scientist Anastasia wrote an article in the journal Nature, pointing out that adult stem cells are essential for human self-healing and tissue regeneration, and the reduction of adult stem cells is the main reason for human aging. This discovery is of great significance for human understanding of the aging process, which is also the reason for the vigorous development of stem cell and regenerative medicine research in recent years.


Find a new source of stem cells for everyone, supplement energy and recharge life

Looking for a new source of stem cells for each human being, so as to regularly and continuously supplement the stem cells continuously consumed by human beings, will greatly improve human sexual and reproductive capacity, greatly improve the comprehensive life ability of human species, significantly delay aging, greatly improve the life span of human beings, and thus enhance the progress of human civilization.


The opportunity of stem cell anti-aging health care

The aging of the body is a gradual process, so it can be started at any time to delay the aging speed, improve the vitality and prolong the life length (anti-aging), and the sooner the better. Especially when the aging phenomenon is not obvious, it can have better effects. Anti aging is not just a matter for the elderly, but something that people of all ages should pay attention to. When you are young, you should establish the concept of anti-aging, cultivate healthy behavior habits, and accumulate healthy capital. When you reach a certain age, you won't get old or get sick.


20 years old anti-aging, increasing beauty and attraction

There is basically no aging problem in the 20-year-old age group, but the 25-year-old is the peak of all functions of the body. After the 25-year-old, the growth peak will pass. If maintenance is neglected, many aging phenomena will start from this time. The main purpose of anti-aging at this stage is to modify the appearance and beautify the self-image, so as to accumulate capital for future health.


30 years old anti-aging, maintain youthful beauty and physical health

It is the starting point of aging of most organs at the age of 30. From the age of 30, the elasticity of the eardrum and middle ear ossicles began to weaken, and the hearing went downhill; The weight of the brain was also reduced from the heaviest 1600g at this time; Although we often say that "presbyopia" is not detected until the age of 40, it actually begins to change from the age of 30; The elasticity of the lung weakens and slowly ages from the age of 30; Muscles decrease at a rate of 5% - 10% every year from the age of 30. Therefore, 30 years old is the best time for anti-aging. At this time, anti-aging can be started, and the ideal health state can be extended for a long time. The main purpose of anti-aging at this stage is to maintain youth and health. If the preparations for anti-aging at this stage are well done, it will help slow down the aging.


40 years old anti-aging, slow down aging speed and prevent chronic diseases

The middle-aged people in their 40s have begun to age and are about to enter the old age stage. However, as long as they start anti-aging at the age of 40, they will get certain effects and still have some improvement. On the contrary, if we do not pay attention to anti-aging maintenance, a series of physical functions may accelerate aging and increase the risk of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, kidney, endocrine system and other diseases. According to the latest genetic research by researchers from Harvard Medical School, the aging of brain tissue related to learning, memory and cognitive functions begins at the age of 40. Starting from this period, anti-aging can prevent and delay the decline of brain memory function, partially recover physical strength and energy, delay the arrival of menopause, and improve the quality of life. The focus of anti-aging at this stage is to slow down the speed of aging, prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases, and maintain the mentality of young people.


50 years old anti-aging, slow down and prevent aging

People over the age of 50 may have disease symptoms or even suffer from some diseases. Because they are under the double pressure of society and family, the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer is very high. Even if there is no disease disturbing people, the body organs have already aged and there are obvious signs of aging. Therefore, the focus of anti-aging treatment at this stage should be on preventing and delaying the occurrence of diseases, reducing the impact of diseases on the quality of life, preventing and improving menopausal symptoms, and improving physical strength, attention and memory.


60 years old, anti-aging, prolong life

The age of 60 is a very late anti-aging opportunity. At this time, the aging symptoms of people are quite obvious. At this stage, the focus of anti-aging needs to shift from functional prevention to treatment and prevention of age-related diseases. The effect of anti-aging treatment from this age is far less than that from the age of 30. However, in view of the great physiological difference between the elderly and the young, autologous stem cell transplantation can still provide effective help to improve the quality of life and prolong life.


Multiple replenishment of stem cells may become a new lifestyle

Therefore, human stem cells may be an important new energy and renewable energy for everyone's own life. Repeatedly and repeatedly produce and supplement stem cells, maintain and improve physiological functions and body functions, and prolong the length of life. It may become a new form of life and a new way of life for human beings.