Stem cells, improve your sub-health

Nowadays, many young people are in sub-health state for a long time, and some even begin to "grow old before aging".


Sub health refers to a critical state of non disease and non health, which is a second-class health state between health and disease. The world health organization refers to the state where the body has no organic disease but some functional changes as the "third state", and China refers to it as the "sub-health state"; People in sub-health state have no definite disease, but their mental vitality and adaptability decline. If this state cannot be corrected in time, it is very easy to cause physical and mental diseases.


In short, I always feel physically uncomfortable and mentally ill, but I can't find out what is wrong.

This state is exactly the standard configuration of many young people:

I can't sleep well at night, I can't get up during the day, and my head is still drowsy when I arrive at the company;

I didn't eat breakfast in the morning, and ordered midnight snack in the evening. As a result, I had trouble in my stomach;

I don't exercise at ordinary times. I sit in the office for a whole day, and even climb the stairs;

My temper is getting worse and worse. I often get upset about a little thing and lose my hair; Pimples


Here are some sub-health improvement suggestions:

1: Regular life and reasonable diet

2: Supplement appropriate amount of enzyme

3: Get enough sleep on time

4: Proper exercise

5: Learn to regulate your emotions, be kind to pressure, be open-minded, and cultivate a variety of interests

6: Try to improve the environmental conditions


If you can't adhere to these suggestions for various reasons, you might as well try stem cell therapy.

From fertilized eggs to organs and hair, stem cells are always with us. It is just like the gift that life gives to everyone. It has the strong potential to self renew and repair life. For individuals, it is a precious Guardian God of life. For the public, it is a precious biological resource in the era of cell therapy.

Through the release of perforin and granzyme, stem cells can inhibit the invasion of bacteria and viruses, remove cancerous, pathological and aging cells, reduce blood pressure, relieve pain, improve sleep, enhance physical strength and improve memory, and have the effect of preventing cancer and delaying the aging of the body. It has been recognized by the medical community as the "first barrier of the human body" and the "scavenger of blood".

Mesenchymal stem cells among stem cells have unique advantages, including availability, expansibility, transplantability, etc. in addition to their low immunogenicity, immune regulatory function and other biological characteristics, these stem cells are considered to be a very promising type of stem cell therapy.

Mesenchymal stem cells are widely used in the treatment of diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, anti-aging and other chronic diseases because of their multi-directional differentiation potential, self-renewal ability, and the secretion of multiple factors to participate in the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues and organs.


Therapeutic effect of stem cells on sub-health

External changes: the skin becomes smooth and moist, and the skin color becomes white; Small wrinkles lighten and lighten, and facial color spots lighten; The hair may increase, turn white to black, the fully relaxed skin will become tight and the muscles will become tight, and the breasts and buttocks of women will become tight and elastic.

Immunity is enhanced, and people who are easy to catch cold are not easy to catch cold again.

Sleep improved, less tired, energetic, memory improved.

The muscles become strong, and the pain symptoms of the waist and knees are reduced.

Appetite improved, abdominal distension and constipation reduced or even disappeared, and enteritis symptoms improved.